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Introducing Azortum: Solid Waste Management Solutions

Solid Waste Management Solutions - Scrap Metal Sorting Line

With a three-decade legacy in Europe, Azortum stands as a premier provider of cutting-edge solid waste management solutions and bulk handling systems at competitive prices. Our commitment extends beyond delivering turnkey solutions, encompassing single processing lines, as well as extensions and modifications to existing systems.

From the inception of your project, through consulting and planning, to design, project management, production, installation, startup, education, and ongoing service, we accompany you every step of the way. Our objective is to provide a cost-effective solution that not only meets your current needs but continues to serve you effectively in the future.

We believe that sustainable sorting lines can only be created by understanding your waste business personally. This cannot be achieved by placing various machines from product brochures under one roof. That's why our team of 25 dedicated waste management engineers will be involved in the project from the beginning. While there are many solutions in the world, we always approach each project considering future perspectives, budget, and technical possibilities.

We are ISO 9001 certified, use modern design tools and comply with other relevant standards and arrange certification according to the CE standard. We provide our clients with comprehensive and detailed documentation in the agreed language, ensuring transparency and compliance.

Recent Projects That Showcase Our Expertise

Wood Shredding Line with a capacity of 70 t/h, capable of processing forest residues and waste wood, supplying wood fuel smaller than 100mm to a Power plant.

Solid Waste Management Solutions - Wood Shredding Line in Sweden

A fully automatic waste sorting plant capable handling 20 t/h waste paper and cardboard. Participated in project as system integrator and it was successfully engineered and constructed despite a challanging short time schedule. From start of engineering to delivery of first equipment on site we had less than 4 months.

Solid Waste Management Solutions - Fully Automatic Paper Sorting Plant in Norway

Fully Automated Construction and Demolition Waste Sorting Line with a capacity of 20 t/h & 100,000 t/year, producing Refuse-Derived Fuel. The upgraded line now complies with environmental regulations, addressing high PWC (chloride) levels and excessive soot in the previous system.

Solid Waste Management Solutions - Fully Automated Construction and Demolition Waste Sorting Line in Finland

Plastic Packaging Waste and Waste Paper Sorting Line with a capacity of 6 t/h. This project, built in stages due to evolving waste composition, tripled its sorting capacity. Overcoming challenges, the installation within an existing constrained building added complexity to the process.

The full recap video of the project can be seen here.

Solid Waste Management Solutions - Plastic Packaging Waste and Waste Paper Sorting Line in Estonia

Construction and Demolition Waste Sorting System with a capacity of up to 15 t/h. This retrofit of the existing system, overcoming stoppages and inconsistent quality output, emphasized a redesign using available machines. Ensuring a conducive working environment for manual sorting staff was an additional challenge.

Solid Waste Management Solutions - Scrap Metal Sorting Line

At Azortum, we are dedicated to providing turnkey waste management solutions that stand the test of time.