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Azortum delivers waste sorting and bulk handling solutions to fit your business. We design, develop and deliver by using the best equipment and reusing what you already have. We take your requirements and deliver what you need.

We are specialists so you don't have to be.

Founded in 1994, Azortum (formerly TB Solutions) is a full-service technology company.

We deliver turn-key waste sorting and bulk-handling solutions to waste recycling companies and power plants.

We've completed over 750 projects worldwide and have helped sort over 20 billion tons of material.

We are ISO 9001 certified and members of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


We understand engineering and business. To solve the engineering challenge we make sure we understand your business problem. Only by knowing WHY you need it can we deliver WHAT you need. That’s why every job starts with a consultation. If you’re unsure of what you need, then call us. Let’s talk and we’re sure that we can recommend a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Our working process – from A to Z

an understanding of the business objective, facility restrictions and environmental requirements as well as already existing equipment are taken into consideration.
paper and pencil (or, nowadays computer aided design) is used to create the principal solution concept for consideration. Used as a foundation for discussion with your team to refine and revise until we have the solution that meets the short and long-term business goals.
the heavy lifting – based on the design we develop the final engineering solution, that fits within the space and financial constraints of the project.
sourcing and / or building the new sorting system. Retrofitting and upgrading existing systems to be integrated in the new solution.
on-site installation of the sorting system. Testing each component individually and as a system to ensure perfect operation. First run of the whole system.
periodic service according to manufacturers recommendation. Training for local staff to do regular maintenance.
expanding, upgrading, extending or shortening your existing plant using new or available equipment. 3D scanning of the whole plant to facilitate retrofitting process.
End-of-life dismantling and re-use:
the equipment is deconstructed and re-utilised or sorted for recycling.


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  • Waste to Energy
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Construction & Demolition waste (C&D)
  • Paper & cardboard waste
  • Packaging waste
  • Solid fuel handling
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Wood Shredding line
Norway, 2022
Capacity: Up to 35 t/h
Waste to Energy
A logistically complex installation, completed next to the existing operational line in just 3 weeks. The line produces wood chips in compliance with ISO 17225 1:2021, class P63 standard. This delivers clean wood material, which can be used as fuel or as raw material in fibreboard production.
Fully automatic Mixed Solid Waste sorting plant
Baltic States, 2015
Capacity: 60 t/h & 300 000 t/y
Waste to Energy
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
Thanks to the capacity of the plant (which at the time was remarkable) many of our core technologies were developed. This project had an impact on Azortum, moving us from mining towards waste sorting, making our systems more robust and reliable.
Wood Waste Shredding line
Sweden, 2024
Capacity: 70 t/h
Waste to Energy
Capable of processing wood and construction waste, much attention was paid to reducing noise and dust creation, to ensure a better work environment for staff. The fully automated preparation line provides the fuel supply to Combined Heat and Power plants (CHPs), producing approximately 85% of all electricity and heat in the region when the temperature drops below -5° C.
Fully automated Construction and Demolition waste sorting line
Finland, 2018
Capacity: 20 t/h & 100 000 t/y
Waste to Energy
Construction & Demolition waste (C&D)
The line produces Refuse-Derived Fuel. The previous line was not compliant with environmental requirements as PWC (chloride) levels were too high, input materials contained a lot of soot and filtering was ineffective. The new line removes the dust and made the materials compliant with regulations while increasing the amount of fuel extracted from the material.
Construction and Demolition waste sorting line
Baltic States, 2023
Capacity: 25 t/h
Construction & Demolition waste (C&D)
The automatic sorting line replaced the inefficient hand sorting line, which could no longer handle the volume of material.
Fully automatic Paper sorting plant
Norway, 2019
Capacity: 20 t/h & 120 000 t/y
Paper & cardboard waste
An extremely challenging project due to the short timeline. From contract to first delivery took only 3 months, including design and engineering.
Plastic Packaging waste and Waste Paper sorting line
Baltic States, 2022
Capacity: 6 t/h
Packaging waste
Paper & cardboard waste
The line was built in several stages, as the exact composition of waste was not initially known. The sorting capacity of the line was tripled during the process. Installation of the line inside the existing, fairly constrained building made the installation more challenging.
Municipal Solid Waste and Packaging Waste sorting line
Baltic States, 2024
Capacity: MSW 30 t/h; Packaging Waste 7 t/h
Packaging waste
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
The sorting line was built within tight physical constraints while also requiring combined sorting of waste and packaging. As the plant is located adjacent to residential areas it had to be built in a closed / air locked building, increasing the installation’s complexity.
Wood Chips Feeding and Screening system
Baltic States, 2017
Capacity: 40 m³/h
Solid fuel handling
Built as an External Fuel handling system, it included a feeder for the furnace while removing foreign material / metal and redirecting over-size material back to the chipper.
Tyre shredding line
Baltic States, 2023
Capacity: Up to 2,5 t/h
The line produces specific tyre chips suitable for pyrolysis. Pyrolysis allows for the production of oil from the tires. The line was installed in a pre-existing building with limited space and is a flexible solution allowing for a variety of fractions to be shredded.
Construction and Demolition waste sorting plant
Finland, 2021
Capacity: Up to 15 t/h
Construction & Demolition waste (C&D)
A retrofitted line for the existing sorting plant. The plant was rebuilt using available machines to eliminate the problems of the original design, which was causing stoppages and inconsistent quality output. An additional challenge was to ensure a good working environment for the manual sorting cabin.

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For 30 years we've been making waste sorting and bulk material handling solutions that work hard for our clients.

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750 projects
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60 million tonnes of materials
handled with our solutions per year
300 000 hours
of engineering
30 years
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msw sorting line in latvia

New Project: MSW Sorting Line in Latvia

Our team is proud to announce the commencement of assembling the most advanced Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Packaging Waste Sorting Plant for Eco Baltia. This project represents a significant leap forward in the Baltic region's waste management and recycling capabilities.

Taavi Põri_Azortum

The Journey of Taavi Põri: Leading Azortum to New Heights

Taavi Põri, the CEO of the long-established technology company Azortum, has always caught attention with his inventive solutions to seemingly complex problems. His interest in breaking old patterns and discovering uncharted paths began at a young age and led him to work in an engine testing lab during his university years.

Tyre shredding solutions

Tyre Recycling Solutions for Oil Production

Old tyres pose significant environmental hazards, often ending up in landfills where decomposing takes centuries. In Estonia alone, 15,000 tons of tyres are discarded annually. To tackle this issue, Ragn-Sells Estonia partnered with Azortum to develop advanced tyre recycling solutions.

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