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Tyre Recycling Solutions for Oil Production

Tyre shredding solutions

Addressing the Tyre Disposal Challenge

Old tyres pose significant environmental hazards, often ending up in landfills where decomposing takes centuries. In Estonia alone, 15,000 tons of tyres are discarded annually. To tackle this issue, Ragn-Sells Estonia partnered with Azortum to develop advanced tyre recycling solutions.

Collaborative Efforts for Efficient Recycling

Ragn-Sells Estonia aimed to create a recycling system to handle the annual volume of discarded tyres. Azortum, having previously supplied mobile shredders to Ragn-Sells, took on the challenge of engineering a more comprehensive solution.

Engineering and Installation

Our team dedicated 900 working hours over four months to design and finalize the recycling line layout. The custom-made platforms and optimized loading points cater to the specific requirements of shredded tyres. Despite harsh winter conditions, the mechanical installation was completed within a month, followed by automation and electrics. The system was commissioned in April 2024, with operations commencing in the second quarter.

Tyre shredding solutions
Tyre shredding solutions
Tyre shredding solutions
Tyre shredding solutions

Efficient Two-Stage Recycling Process

The recycling line comprises two main stages:

Pre-Shredding Line
Tyres undergo coarse shredding before being screened and further processed if necessary.
Granulating Line
The shredded material is transformed into granulated rubber, suitable for reuse in applications like pyrolysis. This line allows for shredding into different fractions for diverse applications.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

The new system includes:
Two-Stage Magnetic Separation
Reclaims loose steel from shredded tyres.
Aspiration Systems
Extracts dust for a cleaner working environment.
Fire Protection System
Ensures safety.
Fully Electric Equipment
Reduces noise and vibration compared to diesel-powered solutions.
Automatic Lubrication and Compressor Systems
Enhances ease of operation and availability.
Sensors and Access Doors
Prevent blockages and minimize downtime.

Tailored Waste Management Solutions

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